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Pi Zero - Suggestions Please!

Pi Zero - Suggestions Please!

Over the last few months I've been working with Cameron, a student from Caedmon College, Whitby. Having completed his GCSEs last year he is now undertaking some vocational qualifications and working with me - in an effort to get some 'real world' experience.

So far we've tackled HTML, CSS, Javascript, HTML Canvas, SSH, Raspberry Pi, basic electronics and a few other bits and pieces. We've both learned a lot.

Soon we'll be able to show off what we've been working on - a desktop arcade machine built around a Raspberry Pi - we're just waiting for a case to be manufactured by a friend.

In the meantime I wanted to ask if anyone had an suggestions for things to do with a Raspberry Pi Zero.

I've had a quick look around the 'net - but would love for someone to suggestion an everyday problem which could be solved using this budget device and perhaps a few other components.

I guess it'd be great for Cameron, and myself, to really get to grips with Python by creating something with an actual purpose.

Feel free to email us your suggestions - or send me a message on Facebook or via Twitter.