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Week Notes #6

Week Notes #6

There's no surprise here, but after a really productive April, the first week in May has not lived up to expectations! It's felt a bit slow, hard work again - things not going to plan, not being as quick or easy as I'd hoped.

However, the photo I've used to illustrated this post reveals a glimmer of hope. I'm building something a bit like this for an actual client - so that's exciting! I've added a bit more to my software this time - the images are immediately uploaded to Dropbox to make sharing them on social media really easy. There'll be no messing around with memory cards, and my client will be able to share the images from anywhere, even when he's no physically present in the same location as the camera.

This project's going pretty smoothly - and I hope to be able to share some more images from it soon.

In other news I've started exercising again, primarily focussing on improving my core strength and stability before I start running again. I'm giving May over to working out at home - and then I'll head outdoors in June. It's not that I'm bothered about running in bad weather, more that when I do start running again I'd like to feel in good shape and ready to make some real progress on my 10K time, which has been my project over the past couple of years.

Megan's going to Switzerland at the weekend to visit her sister who's just had a baby - so I'm going to be home alone with the children next weekend and into the beginning of the following week. I think I'm looking forward to it more than the children are - they're never particularly impressed when I take over home education for any length of time. However, this time I have a trick up my sleeve, we're going to build this.

Oh, the Tour de Yorkshire was good too - despite the weather.