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Perch App for Fitness Class Directory

Perch App for Fitness Class Directory

At the start of 2018 I built a website which sells pilates socks - trainer socks with grippy rubber soles. This little business has been running quite smoothly, and my wife Megan has now taken over the day to day running of the website.

So far we've only been handling small numbers of orders, but we'd like to grow the business a little bit larger, so it can start to make a useful addition to our income.

Part of my plan for generating more sales is to grow the amount of traffic being generated by the site. In order to do that I wanted to build a simple directory - so pilates classes can be advertises on the website, categorised by UK town.

In order to achieve this I built a bespoke app for Perch, the content management system I built the site with, which allows alll members to submit an advert into the directory. The video below shows how the form for advert submissions is accessed via the 'Members' section of the website:

Once the advert has been submitted it can be amended, deleted or preferably marked as 'Approved' within the app dashboard in Perch. Once the advert has been approved it is published into the correct section of the website - based on the town the user chose when they created their advert.

The adverts are displayed in list form, with multiple adverts on each page, as well as generating an individual page which contains the full advert content.

Each advert contains:

  • Name of class or company
  • Name of instructor
  • Contact details
  • Social media links
  • Website link
  • County & town
  • Free text description

Bespoke Perch Apps Can Help Grow Your Business

Generating more traffic for your website is a standard approach for online business growth. More traffic should equal more sales. As far as pilatessocks.co.uk goes, we're yet to get a single business signing up to advertise their class - but we're not spending any money on advertising this service, so we're entirely reliant on existing or new customers using the service. Hopefully we'll get a few businesses signing up soon!

This kind of user-generated content can be really effective at giving your website a personal feel - and it means you're able to increase the amount of quality content on your site without having to write it yourself!

Perch provides an excellent framework for building bespoke apps giving your site unique and bespoke functionality helping your business to grow.

If you'd like to see a few more Perch related projects I've undertaken, click here. Want to discuss writing a bespoke Perch app for your business? Contact me!