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Week Notes #7

Week Notes #7

I didn't manage to post last week. Megan was away over last weekend, visiting her sister in Switzerland. As a result I had sole-charge of the children for 4 whole days. Everything went smoothly with both Megan's trip and my single-parenting.

It's been a while since I had to look after the children on my own for any length of time. It was good for us. Good for Megan as she got to go away and see her sister. Good for me because I am pretty bad at intentionally making time to spend with the children. And good for the children as they're exposed to different activities and schedules when I'm responsible for them!

We enjoyed the weekend - it was hot and sunny. Tackling home education with four small children is no easy task - but I wrote myself a timetable and stuck to it, which worked well. We built a robot. Learned maths. Had an impromptu english lesson in the park when we realised the library was closed and did plenty of P.E (frisbee).

Monday 13th May would have been my dad's 70th birthday, so we took cake up to Hawsker Church and had a low-key birthday party and remembered him. It still hurts.

Back to work on Wednesday - back to normal!

Things have been busy at work, after a fairly slow first 3 months of the year, April was productive and May is proving fairly hectic too. Here are some headlines so far:

  • Site refresh for spicule.co.uk
  • Signage and graphics for Sprinkles (what used to be Hippy Hippy Shake, not run by Chris Hadley)
  • I'm putting together the OHP Pentecost Newsletter - nearly ready for print
  • I've been creating an activity worksheet for children staying at Northcliffe and Seaview Caravan Parks
  • A new site for an electrician in Boroughbridge
  • A revamp for Whitby Storyteller - which isn't quite ready, but should be in the next week or so

I'm hoping to keep my productivity levels high through May and June. Work always slows in July as we go to Keswick and the summer holidays begin. For now, I'm thankful for plenty to be getting on with and a handful of new projects to quote for.