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Week Notes #8

Week Notes #8

Another week rolls by, this time into a Bank Holiday. I have been at work this morning, but this afternoon we're heading over to Scarborough for the Kite Festival at Scarborough Castle. I missed in last year (due to being in Berlin with my brother) - but apparently it was a great event, so I'm looking forward to it this afternoon.

This morning we've woken up to the results of the EU elections, and as anticipated The Brexit Party have done real damage to the main parties. No doubt this will mean leaving the EU on 31st October with anything other than 'No Deal' will become even more difficult. And with Theresa May resigning last week and leaving her post as leader of the Conservatives in a couple of week's time we're set for yet more months of political turmoil.

My Crosslands work recently has all been about 'culture & context'. I'm really enjoying reading Popologetics by Ted Turnau. It's so well written and easy to follow and yet asks big questions about the nature of so-called 'pop-culture'. Last week I also enjoyed interviewing a local business owner and member of the Labour Party about their experiences. It is clear that there are majoy underlying issues in our society - things which won't be solved by polititians. In our pusuit of individual gain, something actively encouraged by the socio-economic structures of our times, we are losing our capacity to think in terms of community. It is no wonder that we find ourselves struggling to find direction as a unified country.

We're into the final week of May. Productivity levels remain high and I hope to finish quite a few little jobs over the coming four days. The following months already look busy too - with plenty of work lined up to see me through until September.

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