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Week Notes #9

Week Notes #9

Today is the first Monday of a new month, it's June. Already we're fast approaching the half way point of the year - the year's longest day and before we know it it'll be summer holiday season. Already!

After a really slow first few months of the year, April and May have been so busy. And June is lining up to be just as busy - if not more so. I'm definitely feeling my schedule syncing with the seasons - I've never really considered my job to be seasonal before, but it definitely feels like there's more cash flowing through the local economy over recent weeks.

I know I've let my blogging slip again. It's always the case that I hit a quiet spell, get a bit more proactive writing up old projects and so on and then suddenly I'm busy again and just don't have time to write very much. It's not intentional!

In the last week I've seen the production of the OHP Newsletter which was a really nice print project. I used to dread print - what if there's a typo, or the pages end up in the wrong order! But now I quite enjoy the constraints of print - having to fit everything into a certain number of pages, of a certain size. The thing with the web is that it's infinate - things can be as large or small as necessary. Designing for print brings a whole host of different challenges. It's nice to do something different from time to time.

This month will see a big push on a new site for Countryside Jobs Service which is due for launch in early July. Alongside this I've got a selection of small sites to build, my accounts paperwork to sort out and some sunshine to enjoy!

Oh, and the photo is of Sprinkles Ice Cream and Milkshake in Whitby - I worked on the signage and graphics. More on that at a later date!