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Week Notes #10

Week Notes #10

The last week as been great, with a number of highlights. I've had a handful of new work enquiries in the last week, which has been a real encouragement. Not that I'm short of things to be getting on with, just that so much of the work I've done recently has been for existing clients. It's nice to get to grips with something brand new from time to time.

On Friday I met up with Paul Jardine. We've 'known' each other on Twitter for years - but had never met in person - despite Paul making fairly frequent trips to Whitby to visit family and friends here. It was great to meet for a coffee and chat face to face in the real world.

Following our coffee (in the excellent Whitby Deli), I headed home for lunch, packed a bag and then Megan and I headed off to Leeds to watch Bill Bailey on his latest tour, Larks in Transit. It was every bit as good as we'd hoped. I'm not sure if tickets are still available, but if you get the chance to see Bill live it's well worth it.

We stayed in Leeds with some friends of ours who are expecting their second baby and then headed home via Malton, where we went to the excellent Roost Coffee and bought some delicious food from the market.

I've been busy building things to grow vegetables in - and they're doing pretty well. I'm not working on a plan to increase our vegetable production and attempt to grow some winter veg too.

Finally, late last night, having planned my final Crosslands essay of the academic year (it's about the role of the arts within the Christian community), I went for a run. I'm working on reducing my 10km time. I went out on my first full 10km in a long time last week - setting a time of around 46:30. My aim is to get that down to sub 40:00. I'm using the long flat beach hut promenade to do timed 1km runs, with a short rest between each attempt. My plan is to increase the number of sub 4:00 1km runs I can manage in a single session. The first time I did this training session I managed these times:

  • 3:53
  • 4:05

Last night I managed:

  • 3:43
  • 3:50
  • 3:55

I could have gone for another 1km, but went home as it was a bit dark by this point (I'm a late night runner). I'll go out for another 10km this week and hope to knock a couple of minutes off my time. I expect progress to be fairly quick to begin with as I get back into shape, and then slow as improvements become more incremental and hard-won.