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drinkNAB.com Online Reviews and Community Site for Non-Alcoholic Drinks

drinkNAB.com Online Reviews and Community Site for Non-Alcoholic Drinks

I always enjoy building a site for a sector I have not worked within before. A few weeks ago a friend from Cambridge got in touch to discuss the possibility of building a website for online reviews and industry news from the world of non-alcoholic drinks.

Having discussed various options we determined what could be achieved within a fairly modest budget and then set to work.

drinkNAB.com is now live and being populated with a wide range of low and non-alcoholic beers, spirits, ciders, mocktails... and there'll be more to come in the future. The intention is that it will become a popular source of information for those looking for reliable reviews of non-alcoholic drinks, with both 'official' drinkNAB reviews as well as reviews submitted by the drinkNAB community.

Community reviews are anonymous, but are subject to checking before being published on the website in order to ensure quality and relevance. Members can submit a photo with their review too, in order to build up an archive of images for each product listed.

The reviews are managed via a bespoke Perch app that Esgrid and I developed specifically for this website, and we have added special code to the website so that Google is able to display the review star rating within its search results.

I have to admit that non-alcoholic beer is something I've steered clear of for years. I remember drinking a Becks Blue a long time ago and not being impressed. However, things have come a long way and the non-alcoholic drinks market is seeing rapid growth with many new products being brought to market even within the last few weeks.

If you're interested, you can find out what I thought of Franziskaner Weissbier by checking out my review. Or, if you're more of an IPA kind of person, have a read of my review of BrewDog's Punk AF.

Michael, whose website it is, has been busy writing blog posts (including news from the launch of 4 new non-alcoholic beers from Big Drop Brewery), posting reviews of products and generally getting to grips with running a website. He's doing a great job, but the success of this project will be measured by its ability to tempt NAB drinkers to post their own reviews. So if you're interested, head to the supermarket, pick up a selection of low and non-alcoholic beers, spirits or ciders and the let the NAB community know what you think!

And best of all, you can do it on a school night!