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Let me help you turbo-charge your website and online marketing by subscribing to one of my monthly service packages.

Each month I'll spend time optimising and improving your site, assisting with your social media, helping you explore new opportunities or undertaking anything else you need specialist support with.

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“Using Jack Barber to create and host our new website transformed the financial success of our business. In the first six months of having our new website, the business did the same amount of work as in the previous 12 months, and business has been increasing steadily ever since. Very happy indeed.” Philip Shardlow - Croft Cast Signs

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What Kind of Improvements Will I Make?

Website optmisation covers a wide range of tools and techniques, all applied to your website with the intention of making it easier to find.

Broadly speaking, this work can be categorised under the three headings below.

On Page SEO

These are improvements made to the content of the website. It could be things such as improving the quality of the written content on your site, adding more effective headings or changing page titles and meta tags.

Off Page SEO

This covers things such as registering your site with Google My Business and optmising your listing, social media and in-bound links from other websites. Your website's reputation is an important factor in search ranking.

Site Performance

How fast your site is, as well as mobile-friendliness can have a big impact on search ranking. I'll ensure your site is running as quickly as possible and make suggestions for how this could be improved further.

Want to Find Out More?

If you'd like to know more about the kinds of long term support I provide feel free to get in touch. If you send me your website address I'd be glad to take a look at it and give you some ideas for the kinds of improvements which could be made.

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